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8 Best Podcasts About Electric Vehicles (EV)

The demand for electric cars continues to boom, with recent reports expecting a 35% increase in global sales this year. That means a total of 14 million electric cars will be sold in 2023!

For many working in the industry, it’s a challenge to keep up with the latest developments ­ both from a technological as well as business perspective.

In this blog, we share our pick of the top information sources to help you keep up with the ever-changing world of EVs.

From short, pithy five-minute summaries to in-depth interviews with industry trailblazers, our top eight EV podcasts will help keep you ahead of the content curve.

The EV Musings Podcast

This podcast is designed “for anyone who drives an EV”. Hosted by Gary Comerford, The EV Musings Podcast releases new episodes every week (usually on a Monday) and goes into detail on one aspect of EV ownership.

Recent topics have included an interview with EVA England’s Chairman Warren Phillips and CEO James Court about their work and recent engagement with the government, and an in-depth discussion around EV insurance. Episodes can run anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

Future of Mobility

The Future of Mobility is produced by Edison Manufacturing and Engineering, and hosted by its Vice President and General Manager, Brandon Bartneck. It takes a broad look at developments in the mobility sector and discusses everything from safety to sustainability.

Episodes last just under an hour and are released each week. You’ll find topics around electric vehicles, assisted and automated driving, connected cars and ridesharing. The format of the podcasts is generally interviews with CEOs and CTOs at organisations such as BlackBerry, Brandmotion and Torc Robotics.

Electric Vehicle News Bitesize

If you enjoy consuming content in bite-size pieces, this is the podcast for you. Running at around eight minutes per episode, this UK-based podcast discusses the latest trends in electric vehicles, NetZero, batteries, autonomous driving and renewables. Uploaded every day at 12.00pm GMT, the podcast focuses on news and issues affecting the UK and Europe.

The EV News

Another short, sharp daily podcast from the UK, The EV News releases a new episode every day at 5.00pm GMT. Host Martyn Lee goes through every EV story he can find from around the world “so you don’t have to”.

Topics include new car releases, regulatory and legislative changes, and EV business share prices. The format includes full podcasts running at around 20 minutes and a “Briefly” which sits just under five minutes for people looking for content on the run.


Produced in San Francisco, Autonocast is the brainchild of Kirsten Korosec, Transportation Editor at TechCrunch, Alex Roy, Founder of The Drive and author Ed Niedermeyer. They call themselves the “zero BS podcast about autonomous cars, automated driving and the future of mobility”.

In each episode, the hosts discuss the latest developments in transportation as well as interviews with industry leaders such as Matt Teske from Chargeway and Amnon Shashua from Moblieye. Episodes last just under an hour and are released every week or so.

Take It EV

Host Gregg Jaskiewicz produced episodes roughly every month and interviewed guests such as Thomas Armstrong from HEVO and James Eaton from Ionetic. He also releases episodes he calls “solo waffles” where he talks through trends and his views on the latest in EV developments.

Gregg calls the podcast “talking about EVs, from the heart” and takes a people-centred approach when it comes to sustainable transportation in Great Britain. Episodes run for around an hour each.


News website InsideEVs produces their own podcast with host Dominick Yoney discussing all things EV. Episodes are released every few days and are longer and more detailed than others on this list, with some lasting up to two hours.

The content is also available as a playlist on their YouTube channel if you prefer watching the interviews and discussions. Recent topics include test driving the latest BMW XM as well as highlights from the Tesla Investor Day event.

The Electrek Podcast

Electrik is another professional EV news outlet with a weekly podcast and dedicated YouTube channel. Hosts Fred Lambert and Seth Weintraub take an interactive approach to their podcast, accepting questions from readers and talking through the latest developments in electric cars and green energy.

The Electrek Podcast is live every Friday at 4pm ET on YouTube or you can subscribe to their podcast through the usual hosting services. Episodes run for about one hour.

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