Executive Search

Executive Search

People are at the heart of every organisation.

As a leading automotive executive search firm, we develop bespoke solutions to help build, guide and grow leadership teams in an increasingly complex business landscape, because we believe that decisions about people should be as carefully thought out as any business plan or financial strategy.

We take the time to understand the behavioural and leadership traits responsible for enhancing or impeding an executive team’s performance. We seek to understand each client’s strategic goals, the specific leadership roles and the competencies that are required to meet those goals, and the culture that the new executives need to embody. As we enter the digital age, we source leadership candidates with the industry experience and strategic vision to propel digital transformation across our client’s organisation.

The Executive Search solutions provided by Fields & Rudd enables businesses to have the right people in the right place at the right time to successfully execute their business strategy. Our approach to leadership assessment enables organizations to invest more strategically in their people. Our approach incorporates analysing the “whole person” to allow for a highly accurate predictive of performance, productivity, leadership effectiveness and potential.

We capture our client’s business strategy and cultural context to identify what strong talent looks like. We create a roadmap for assigning the right talent to the right areas of the business by identifying what strong talent looks like.