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The Largest Connected Vehicle Projects Featured Prf3

The Largest Connected Vehicle Projects in the UK & Europe

The UK and Europe are spear heading a host of ambitious Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) testing projects, ones that are poised to revolutionise transportation. Connected vehicles not only pu...

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The Importance Of Transferable Engineering Skills Featured Prf1

The Importance of Transferable Engineering Skills

​The automotive industry is in the middle of a profound transformation, one that is driven by a convergence of technological innovation, changing consumer preferences and environmental concerns. ...

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Why Ev Demand Will Heat Up Competition Featured Prf1

Why Electric Vehicle Demand Will Heat up Competition for Engineers

​The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is at the core of the automotive engineering Industry’s dramatic transformation.Surging demand for EVs is changing the skillsets companies require to stay comp...

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Why Using An Agency Will Increase Your Retention Featured Prf1

Why Using an Agency will Increase Your Retention

​Faced with an ageing workforce, constantly evolving market pressures and a global shortage of skilled talent, automotive engineering companies have ongoing recruitment challenges. In this climate,...

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How To Rewrite Your Cv Featured Prf2

How to Rewrite Your CV for Automotive Engineering Roles

​Currently, the automotive engineering industry is an exciting place to be. Where else can you find a job that helps work towards a sustainable future, whilst also tapping into attractive salar...

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Four Attraction Strategies Featured Prf3

Four Strategies to Attract Automotive Engineers

​The automotive engineering landscape is in the midst of a revolution, where cutting-edge technologies like AI, digitalisation and electric vehicles are reshaping the future of mobility. As automo...

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How To Use Linked In Featured Prf3

How To Use LinkedIn to Your Advantage

If you’re keen to learn job-hunting tactics, utilising LinkedIn is a must. Recent user statistics showcase its immense popularity - over 60% of the Netherlands’ population and almost 54% of UK inh...

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Automotive Engineering Interview Questions Featured Prf3

Automotive Engineering Interview Questions to Prepare For

​In the rapidly evolving car market, those looking for Automotive Engineer jobs must understand its many complex functions. These days, this extends beyond traditional mechanics and crosses into th...

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Interview Advice For Engineering Hiring Managers Featured Prf2

Interview Advice for Engineering Hiring Managers

​Hiring Engineers can be demanding work. As a hiring manager in the domains of e-mobility and connected and autonomous cars, you're constantly on the lookout for top engineering talent to drive ...

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Why Now Is The Best Time To Join The Automotive Industry Featured Prf3

Why Now is the Best Time to Join the Automotive Industry

​It’s a special time to be working in the automotive industry. As the UK commits to goals for a decarbonised future, we are witnessing a renaissance in motor industry innovation. EVs, connected car...

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Attracting Tech Talent Featured Prf2

Attracting Tech Talent to the Automotive Industry

Autonomous vehicles and EVs require a range of engineering disciplines and specialities to build, such as computer vision, robotics, data analysis, satellite systems, infotainment, and integrated s...

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Sustainability Is Your Business Doing Enough Featured Prf2

Sustainability: Is Your Business Doing Enough?

Automotive industry sustainability is a hot topic right now. Between the EU’s recent agreement to phase out combustion engine car sales across the union by 2035, and the introduction of stricter ...

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The Impact Of A 4 Day Work Week Featured Prf1

The Impact of a Four-Day Workweek on Talent Attraction

The four-day workweek is on the cusp of becoming mainstream and it’s easy to see why it appeals to so many people. A three-day weekend provides an extra day to unwind, spend time with family, run e...

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