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Four Strategies to Attract Automotive Engineers

The automotive engineering landscape is in the midst of a revolution, where cutting-edge technologies like AI, digitalisation and electric vehicles are reshaping the future of mobility.

As automotive companies across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world gear up to remain at the forefront of this transformative industry, the key to success lies in securing and retaining top engineering talent.

In this blog, we outline four strategies to attract Automotive Engineers that can help companies find the best minds in the field and support jobseekers in their search for employment.

Why You Need a Robust Attraction Strategy

The automotive industry is experiencing a paradigm shift that will be playing out for years to come with the integration of AI and digital technologies paving the way for autonomous vehicles and enhanced vehicle (EV) connectivity.

Growing sales of EVs and the emphasis on sustainability are prompting automotive companies to develop alternative-fuelled vehicles and eco-friendly solutions.

However, amidst the exciting developments, the industry faces critical challenges. A notable concern is the scarcity of skilled professionals, coupled with a shortage of young talent entering the sector. The demand for Automotive Engineers is outpacing the supply, leading to a skills shortage. Automotive companies can better withstand these challenges with attraction strategies that align with the changing dynamics of the industry.

Offer Genuine Flexibility

In the modern work environment, professionals across virtually all industries want more job flexibility and the Automotive Engineering industry is no exception. To attract top talent, companies must embrace flexible work arrangements and acknowledge that the traditional 9-to-5 office routine is evolving. Remote work has become a permanent consideration, and employees now expect companies to offer hybrid work models that combine in-office and remote work.

Where specific roles always require an on-site presence, consider other ways of offering job flexibility, such as changeable start/finish times or compressed weeks. These approaches can be just as attractive as remote working, whilst enabling your business to stay productive and efficient.

Flexibility in the workplace is not only a drawcard for potential candidates but also enhances employee satisfaction, leading to increased retention rates and improved overall performance.

According to the government’s Department of Business Trade (you can read more in the press release), CIPD research from 2022 reiterates these claims with statistics showing that flexibility matters:

·        6% of employees in the UK left their jobs

·        12% changed career paths completely, leaving the industry they worked in

·        These two statistics represent 6 million workers.

CEO of CIPD, Peter Cheese, suggests using the tagline ‘Happy To Talk Flexible Working’ in your job advertisements and says that options, such as flexi work hours, location choice, or hybrid working makes for a more inclusive and create fairer workplace.

With the Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Bill receiving Royal Assent, it should also become a matter of compliance priority. This change aim is to provide at least 2.2 million workers with a more flexible working entitlement.

Emphasise Job Security

In a rapidly changing industry like automotive engineering, employees seek stability and a sense of assurance that their skills are valued and their contributions recognised.

Conveying the company’s strong performance and growth objectives can help with finding senior and executive talent for Automotive Engineering, as well as mid-career professionals.

Job security can be conveyed several ways, for example, by offering long-term employment contracts, creating a positive work environment and implementing career development plans. In times of economic uncertainty, companies that can communicate job security are able to earn the trust of candidates and employees alike. Transparent communication about the company's financial standing and prospects is one way to alleviate these concerns.

Offer a Competitive Salary package

As competition for talent is fierce, providing competitive salaries is paramount to securing the top people. To determine competitive remuneration, conduct thorough market research to understand industry salary benchmarks for specific roles. Consider factors such as experience, education and skills to structure salary packages that reflect the value of Engineers' expertise.

In addition to base salaries, attractive benefit packages can play a significant role in enticing candidates, such as a company car, health insurance, retirement plans, performance-based bonuses and stock options all add value to the overall compensation package.

Working with a specialist Automotive Engineering recruitment partner can help facilitate this on your behalf. We have a deep understanding of salary benchmarks across multiple countries and the industry itself. That means we can advise you on the right compensation and benefits package to ensure your staying ahead of your competition.

Career Progression and Skills Development

Clear growth opportunities and career advancement pathways are especially attractive to Engineers, who tend to search for new ways to learn and grow on the job.

Communicating clear and structured career development pathways allows candidates to envision their future within the organisation. Mentoring programmes, job rotations and training initiatives are all tangible efforts that show a business is invested in developing its Engineers. Offering opportunities for skill enhancement ensures your company stays agile and adaptable, capable of tackling emerging industry demands.

Companies that actively support their employees' professional growth and encourage lifelong learning can establish a reputation as employers of choice in the Automotive engineering sector.

Driving Towards a Promising Future in Automotive Engineering

You can rev up the excitement for working in the industry with the technological advancements being made where candidates can take on an active role. The sector holds unparalleled opportunities for professionals who are passionate about building vehicles of the future. To excel in this transforming industry, working on how you can stand out from the crowd will help you attract the best Automotive Engineers. As specialists in finding senior and executive talent in the automotive engineering space, we can steer your team towards a promising future, where innovation and expertise shape the mobility revolution. Get in touch today to see how we can help you recruit engineering talent.