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Unconventional Strategies to Improve Hiring

Just like automotive engineering tech, recruitment and hiring strategies are rapidly evolving. In this landscape of constant change – and especially in a technological field – sticking to traditional hiring methods could mean missing out on high-quality candidates.

Your business is already working with cutting-edge technology. Why rely on old and tired approaches to recruitment?

We’ll cover examples of how organisations can integrate technologies like AI, VR, and mobile optimisation to connect with top candidates.

1. Harness AI

The global AI recruitment market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.6% between 2021 and 2028. Recruiters are finding new ways to AI every day, and it’s important to consider how your organisation might benefit. Here are just a few popular integrations of AI into the recruitment process:

·        CV screening: AI is often used to scan and shortlist candidates' CVs based on specific skills and experience requirements outlined by hiring managers.

·        Chatbot interviews/FAQs: Already in widespread use within retail, organisations in other industries are adding AI-powered chatbots to their websites to answer questions about specific job listings. If you want to take it further, you can use chatbots to assess candidates in an initial screening mini-interview.

·        Automated scheduling: Scheduling interviews with multiple candidates can get tricky when you’re juggling other duties. AI scheduling tools can reduce time spent on admin whilst maintaining responsiveness to candidates, which is always crucial in competitive talent markets.

·        Craft job descriptions & interview questions: Gartner has identified generative AI as one of the three key macro trends that will affect recruitment. “In 2024, we expect generative AI use to continue increasing, particularly to draft job descriptions, candidate communications, and even interview questions,” explained Emi Chiba, a principal Gartner HR analyst. Whilst we don’t recommend relying entirely on AI tools to write job descriptions or write communications to candidates, they can save a lot of time spent on these tasks.

2. Create Contests to Recruit Engineers

Why not create an exciting challenge to help recruit automotive engineers? Hosting contests or hackathons focused on specific automotive engineering problems is a fantastic way to attract younger engineers who are eager to demonstrate their skills. Consider including prizes and inviting automotive industry experts as judges.

Not only do these events provide an avenue for uncovering new engineering talent, they’re also a great way to bolster your company’s brand awareness and industry connections.

3. Recognise The Importance of Mobile-First Recruitment

A significant portion of job seekers now use their mobile devices exclusively to search for job opportunities. Of the 12 million job seekers surveyed by Glassdoor, 58% said they were looking for jobs on their phones, most of these being mid-career workers aged 35-44.

Has your organisation tested and optimised its website for job applications made on mobile devices? If you’re using an ATS, it’s worth testing out how mobile-friendly the platform is by starting as a test application, to experience it from a candidate’s point of view.

4. Utilise Virtual Reality

VR recruiting is another exciting trend that provides hiring managers with a unique way to expand their candidate pool to remote candidates, simulating an in-office experience without requiring their physical presence.

And why not combine VR with our second tip about creating engineering contests? VR simulations that mirror real-world engineering challenges offer a more comprehensive assessment of a candidate’s skills and problem-solving abilities. Not only is this a useful evaluation tool, but it also provides candidates with an immersive experience, making the recruitment process more interactive and memorable.

5. Get Creative with Social Media

Leveraging social media for recruitment is already a popular strategy, with platforms like LinkedIn leading the charge. Organisations can both tailor their own social media presence and create bespoke campaigns that can help recruit engineers.

But LinkedIn isn’t the only social media platform for recruitment. Innovative approaches from companies like Goldman Sachs utilise more niche platforms such as for their recruitment campaigns. This allows you to tap into specific (i.e. younger) demographics. For software engineering, you may consider using platforms like Reddit, GitHub or Stack Overflow to identify potential candidates.

Beyond this, developing a strong, engaging presence on niche platforms can help showcase your company's projects and culture in a way that resonates with potential candidates, broadening the reach and enhancing the effectiveness of your recruitment strategy.

Get Expert Help with an Automotive Recruiter

If you’ve taken steps to optimise your recruitment methods and need better results, a specialist automotive recruiter can help. Fields and Rudd offer expert guidance and tailored solutions that align the latest industry trends and tech with your recruitment goals – so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.