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Signs It Could Be Time to Find a New Job

Have you been regularly wondering if it's time to quit your job? It's not an easy decision to make, and one that requires careful consideration by critically weighing up the pros and cons.

However, there are some key signs that indicate it might be time to move on from your current position. This article identifies five of the most common signs to help you make your decision.

1. You're Reading This Article

The fact that you're reading these words is telling. It means you're proactively taking steps to seek out information to support a gut instinct. You've likely reached a point where your bad days outnumber the good – and instead of looking forward to the week ahead, you awake on Monday morning with a feeling of dread in your stomach.

2. Your Health is Suffering

Do you find yourself short-tempered or consistently feeling down? Have your family and friends commented on your demeanour? When you speak about work, is it usually framed negatively? What about your sleeping, drinking and eating patterns – have they changed for the worse? Do you fall ill often?

If you find yourself nodding yes to these questions, your job may be impacting your physical and/or mental wellbeing as many of these are symptoms of prolonged stress. Left unchecked, they can lead to burnout and serious health conditions such as depression and hypertension. A change of job may be the answer.

3. You’ve Stagnated

You may have reached a point where you can almost perform your duties with your eyes closed. When was the last time you felt that spark of excitement in learning something new? If your passion for your job has disappeared, this could indicate you're ready for a new challenge. It's certainly something you should speak to your current manager about as there may be options available, be it a new project or increased responsibilities.

Luckily, in the constantly evolving automotive industry, challenges abound. From the excitement of connected cars to advances in e-mobility, you have the opportunity to either reskill or simply move into a vast number of areas.

To find out more about where the latest and greatest roles are, be sure to get in touch with our team of Automotive Engineering recruitment specialists. We have an ever-changing rotation of exciting Automotive Engineering jobs to peruse.

4. You’re Unhappy with Your Pay and the Lack of Recognition

There are two further areas that can tip you towards handing in your resignation, particularly if they're interlinked. They are:

·        Pay

If you're unhappy with your current salary and you feel your company isn't keeping pace with industry, this is a sign you may need to move on.

It's worth noting that if this is the main reason you want to leave your job, be sure to discuss your salary concerns with your manager in the first instance. They may be willing and able to do something about it.

·        A lack of recognition

Financial remuneration is important, but so is feeling valued and recognised for your hard work.

Perhaps you've missed out on securing one too many exciting project opportunities or promotions? Maybe management doesn’t adequately acknowledge the effort you put into your job – from the initiatives you've started to the pains you've taken to strengthen team bonds. Whatever the case, if you don't feel properly rewarded for your opinions and input, a new position might solve this.

5. Your Values No Longer Align with the Company’s

When you first started, it's likely you were excited by the work culture and the company values as they both nicely aligned with your own. But as time has gone by, it’s possible your views have shifted.

It might be due to a change in management or strategy. It could be a major decision the business has made that appears to contradict the values they hold. Perhaps you've changed and the beliefs you once held dear no longer carry the same weight. It may even be a combination of all three.

A great working culture and an alignment in values are two essential ingredients for happiness in any job. Therefore, a mismatch strongly indicates it’s time to move on – especially as these areas are quite difficult to address.

Support in Finding Your Next Automotive Engineering Role

If you're still unsure whether a move is right for you, consider getting in touch with one of our Automotive Engineering recruitment experts. We can help you weigh up the pros and cons of your current position. And if you choose to leave, we can support you to find a role that reignites your passion for Automotive Engineering.​