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Why Now is the Best Time to Join the Automotive Industry

It’s a special time to be working in the automotive industry. As the UK commits to goals for a decarbonised future, we are witnessing a renaissance in motor industry innovation. EVs, connected cars and autonomous vehicles are revolutionising transport, creating fertile ground for new and exciting careers.

With this innovation comes a growing demand for professionals who can design, build and sell vehicles of the future. As the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) recent member survey shows, 77% of employers in the automotive sector are struggling to recruit staff in engineering, design, and research and development roles. Operations and manufacturing are also tough to recruit for, with 73% of organisations reporting difficulty in hiring the people they need for these areas.

If you’re looking for a job in a field with great long-term career prospects, earning potential and intellectual challenges, the automotive industry is one of the best fields in which you can make a difference.

Whether your speciality is in engineering, sales, marketing or executive leadership, there is a plethora of roles in this industry that will suit your aspirations. We’ll explore the reasons why automotive jobs make great careers.

Be Part of the Automotive Engineering Jobs Boom

As vehicle manufacturing technologies evolve, automotive engineering jobs are tipped for strong growth, making the industry a relatively safe harbour during an economic downturn. The SMMT anticipates demand for an additional 40,000 new automotivejobs in the UK in the coming years, a clear green light for anyone considering a career in this sector.

If you have a background in STEM or are considering a STEM career path, the automotive industry has a wealth of positions available for Engineers and Technicians who can develop and manufacture machines that consumers will enjoy driving.

Software, Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers will be essential for producing future product lines that rely on e-mobility and digital tech. By one estimate, an additional 320,000 jobs will be created to deliver connected cars and autonomous vehicles to the UK market, while the Institute of the Motor Industry predicts a shortfall of 25,100 EV Technicians by 2030.

On the commercial side, those who can combine the knowledge of engineering workflows with sales and marketing disciplines can work as Product Planning Managers, Sales and Marketing Executives or in the C-suite.

Work With Cutting-Edge Tech

The automotive industry is at the forefront of some of the world’s most cutting-edge technologies, making it an ideal home for naturally curious minds. If you’re looking for a role in the UK or Europe, you will have the advantage of working in some of the most advanced and diverse automotive sectors in the world.

Every automotive company is a digital technology enterprise to some extent, with many automotive engineering jobs now part of multi-disciplinary teams.

Consider the network of brainpower required to make and sell connected cars, for example. An army of design, engineering and software specialists work on modelling, engine management and connectivity systems, quality testing and safety simulations. Meanwhile, manufacturing and logistics teams use a range of tech to manage factories and complex supply chain processes.

As autonomous car tech is refined for mainstream adoption, a slew ofautomotive engineering jobs will be needed to build the software architectures and machine learning models that power the sensors of driverless vehicles. In the automotive industry, many of the visions of sci-fi storytelling will come to life!

Earn Above-Average Salaries

For employers, automotive engineering recruitment is relentlessly competitive, which means savvy organisations are prepared to pay generously to secure good candidates.

In the UK, salaries in the automotive sector are14% higher than the UK average, with Automotive Engineer salaries averaging£57,996.

With digital technology integral to every step of the vehicle supply chain, engineers in IT disciplines can also earn generous salaries. Embedded Software Engineers can earn a median salary of £62,500. We can expect salaries to stay competitive as the industry competes with other sectors for IT and engineering talent.

Work Toward a Sustainable Future

A meaningful job is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for many highly skilled professionals. Regardless of the broader economic conditions, 62% of workers prefer roles with purpose and 47% have quit an organisation for purpose-related reasons, a Deloitte study has highlighted.

Choosing a career in the automotive industry can give you the opportunity to work towards a sustainable future and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from a job with meaning.

The movement towards net zero is increasingly a critical force in the automotive sector, with e-mobility technology set to play a central role in sustainability targets. Internal combustion vehicles account for 27% of carbon emissions in the UK, so the eventual transition to electric vehicles will have a sizeable impact on mitigating climate change.

If you are searching for a career path with purpose, an engineering position in the sectorenables you to work on projects for developing greener transport.


The automotive industry is in a period of rapid evolution and innovation, driven by the need to meet market demands and achieve sustainability goals. With a growing shortfall of high-skilled talent, many employers in this sector are calling for more people to help them build the e-mobility tech, connected cars and autonomous vehicles of the future.

At Fields & Rudd, our domain is automotive engineering recruitment and executive search for companies across the UK and Europe. We partner with the industry’s most progressive businesses to recruit passionate people for automotive engineering jobs.

Our deep insight into industry developments helps employers and candidates make informed decisions about their hiring and career moves. For expert advice or help landing your next role, contact our teamtoday.